Transportation Information

  • Transportation Services

    Students are eligible for transportation services if they reside within the attendance zone of ACS and are beyond the Parental Responsibility Zone (PRZ). These zones are established in conjunction with Arlington Community Schools Policy. This includes students who reside a minimum of 1.5 miles from the school for Elementary and 2.0 miles for Middle and High School or those living in identified areas that do not allow for a safe walk to school.

    Find Your Bus or Route Information

    Visit our parent bus weblink tool to find information about your child's bus route. Please contact your school's bus administrator if there is an error or if you have additional questions about bus transportation. 

    We have assistant principals at each school who can assist you with transportation-related issues.

    Arlington Elementary - Carl Booker

    Donelson Elementary - Kelly Lofton

    Arlington Middle - Jason Reed

    Arlington High - Joe Welch

    Bus Number Update

    To reduce confusion regarding bus numbers and routes, the Transportation Department asks all riders to pay attention to the printed sign on the second bus window and not the number that may be on the side of the bus. While the physical bus may change from day to day, the printed sign on the bus window will remain constant and will always indicate which bus your child is riding. In addition to contacting the school with specific Transportation questions/concerns, you may also contact Durham directly at 901.861.0256.

    Bus Concerns

    Parents (as well as school staff) should call Durham directly at 901.861.0256 if a bus is late or has not arrived. To report bus issues to ACS, please call 901.389.2497 or Access the Bus Complaint Form.When reporting a safety concern, please include as many details as possible, including the bus number, location of concern, specific details, etc. This will help us in the investigation process.