• Graduation Requirements

    To meet state and local requirements for graduation, all students shall have achieved the specified 22 units of credit, taken the required end of course exams, and have a satisfactory record of attendance and conduct.

  • English:  4 credits

    Students must be enrolled in an English course each year.

    Math:  4 credits

    Including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and a fourth higher level math course (Students must be enrolled in a mathematics course each year.)

    Science:  3 credits

    Including Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and a third lab course

    Social Studies:  3 credits

    Includes one credit in U.S. History & Geography (Standard, Honors, or AP), one credit in World History & Geography (Standard, Honors, or AP) or AP European History or AP Human Geography, and 1/2 credit from U.S. Government and Civics (Standard or AP), and ½ credit Economics (Standard or AP).

    Wellness:  1 credit

    Physical Education:  0.5 credits

    Personal Finance:  0.5 credits

    World Language:  2 credits

    Two credits must be obtained in the same language in consecutive grade levels.

    Fine Arts:  1 credit

    Focus Area: 3 credits

    Electives focused on a particular concentration beyond the CORE requirements in one of the following areas: Math and Science, Career and Technical Education (CTE), Fine Arts, Humanities, or Advanced Placement (AP)

  • High School Courses Taken in Middle School

    Students taking Physical Science and/or Algebra I Honors and/or Foreign Language prior to entering high school must take an additional 4 units of mathematics, 3 units of science and 2 years of the same foreign language in grades 9 -12 in order to meet Tennessee Diploma Project graduation requirements. Elective credit will be awarded at successful completion of the course.

Area of Focus