• Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
    At Donelson Elementary

    Bus Riders and Daycare:

    Buses and Daycares will enter through the first entrance on campus. Students will load/unload in the area behind the gym. This will keep buses and daycare vehicles away from the car-rider traffic.

    Car Riders:

    All car riders must use the car rider system for drop off/pick-up. All students that are dismissed in car line will be assigned a car rider number. Cars will enter at the last entrance on campus by the teachers’ parking lot. Remember that all electronic devices are prohibited in car line.

    Car rider line will begin movement at 7:45AM in the morning and begin dismissal at 3:00PM. All parents must have a 2022-2023 Donelson car tag to pick up a student in the afternoon. This includes parents picking up for carpool. Please display the car tag on the rearview mirror. We will cue up three lanes of cars as indicated on the diagram below. Please fill all lanes to get as many cars as possible off of Airline Road. It is important that all students be seated on the passenger side of the vehicle. For your child’s safety, students will ONLY exit from the passenger side so not to cross between vehicles. We ask that the cars follow traffic, pulling all the way forward to load/unload as many students as possible. Once you have pulled all the way up and next to the sidewalk, please place your vehicle in PARK. This is for the safety of all students and staff.

    Once all students have loaded/unloaded, please stay in line and follow the traffic pattern to the left to exit the car rider line. Please remember that it takes the students a couple of weeks to learn their car rider number. (Parents of students in preschool and functional skills will enter the front entrance of the school and park.)

    If you do not have a car number, you will be sent to the front office to show proper ID in order to take the child home. The student will be sent to the front office for pick-up after dismissal is complete.

    Each family will receive 2 car tags. Additional car tags may be purchased in the bookstore for $5.
    We ask that no student be checked out after 2:30PM as this will delay the school dismissal.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance with these procedures!

    Transportation map