• Did You Know?

    A new state law takes effect in the 2022-2023 school year that will require 3rd grade students to be proficient on the English-Language Arts portion of the state test, commonly known as TCAP. It's possible a student may have passing grades in ELA at the end of the school year but may not be considered proficient on the statewide test. 

    What does this mean for 3rd grade students?

    If a 3rd grade student is not proficient on the ELA portion of the statewide test, the student will be retained according to the new state law. The Tennessee Department of Education says there will be some options that allow the student to be promoted, but those details are still being finalized by the state. 

    What is ACS doing to help students?

    As is always our focus, we will help prepare and support students. ACS 3rd grade teachers are dedicated to helping students succeed, and we'll work hard to teach them the state standards and help them become better readers. As past test scores have shown, our teachers do an excellent job preparing students, and parents should expect no less. However, state law says it's the student's individual performance on the test that will determine whether they advance to the next grade level, a decision that is ultimately decided by the state and not locally.

    A Home Literacy report will also be sent home during the fall semester to all 3rd grade families to outline their child's progress, which will help families understand how their child is progressing in their reading ability. Staying engaged in your child's learning is the most impactful thing a parent can do to help prevent retention.