Welcome to the PAVE Academy

PAVE, a Performance Arts & Visual Experience Academy, is a fine arts program fast-tracking you to a successful future in the arts and beyond. With some of the most experienced arts educators in the region, our fine arts program has been recognized at the regional, state and national levels. PAVE is a fine arts academy like no other - offering numerous Advanced Placement and Honors courses in the arts, multiple showcase opportunities, one-on-one personalized mentoring, as well as a culminating capstone project at the end of the fine arts strand.

By joining and succeeding in PAVE, you're laying the foundation for a future in the arts. Let's build your future now!

*PAVE open to incoming freshmen and current 9th-11th grade students.

View the PAVE Framework to see some of the courses, clubs and competitions offered in the program.

View the PAVE Courses

*Honors Available

Visual Arts

Art 1, 2, 3, 4*
Graphic Media*
AP Studio Art

Film & Video

Intro to Film Video*
Film & Video II Production
Advanced Film & Video
Digital Journalism
TV Production


Intro to Theatre*
Advanced Acting*
Production Workshop*

Vocal Music

Concert Choir*
Jazz/Show Choir
AP Music Theory

Instrumental Music

Concert Band
Wind Ensemble
Symphonic Band
String Orchestra
Symphony Orchestra

Speech & Debate

Honors Forensics
Intro to Communications

View the Admission Requirements

  1. Complete online application
  2. Auditions, portfolios and interviews for each student
  3. Two teacher recommendations, including one Fine Arts teacher recommendation
  4. Picture or headshot
  5. *Program available now to all 8th graders and current students enrolled at Arlington High School.
  6. Current students must complete program requirements before graduation.

View the Program Requirements

  1. All strand-specific Fine Arts classes must be completed with a minimum of the grade of "B" in each class
  2. One (1) additional Fine Arts external requirement outside the strand selected
  3. Ten (10) community service hours tied to the strand selected
  4. Fine Arts senior year capstone, immersion or portfolio
  5. Complete and sign contract

Grounds for Removal from PAVE

  1. Violations of the AHS Honor Code
  2. Continuous violations of ACS and AHS student handbook, policies and procedures
  3. Any grade lower than a "B" in any Fine Arts class
  4. Failure to maintain discipline standards
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