Teacher Leaders

Instructional Support Coaches

Instructional Support Coaches are teacher leaders who provide teacher support through new teacher orientation/induction activities, instructional coaching, informal observations, and ongoing professional learning activities. These teacher leaders also attend and assist schools/district with planning and delivering professional development activities related to such topics as…

  • Literacy, Numeracy, and/or Integration Across Content Areas
  • TN Academic Standards
  • Best Practices

Kizzy Barbee
Susan Buford
Tina David
Susan Howard
Leslie Northam
Carla Parham
Luanne Pyron
Michelle Sluder

Team Facilitators

Team Facilitators are teacher leaders who assist local school administration with TEAM evaluations, My Learning Plan, and teacher support. They also attend and assist with school/district professional learning activities including the following:

  • New Teacher Orientation
  • TEAM & TNCompass Training
  • Tier I Revisions & Best Practices

Monica Gallimore
Janet Pennington
Jason Reed
Angie Todd

PLC Coaches

PLC Coaches are teacher leaders who support the work of the teachers and administrators in ensuring a continued focus and commitment to student learning. Their responsibilities include the following:

  • Coordinate and guide the activities of PLC teacher teams
  • Focus on assessments being used in the building, analysis of data, & support of teachers in using data to drive instruction
  • Facilitate assessment design in the form of CFA's to ensure standards alignment
  • Participate in PD related to assessment/PLCs and redeliver, as applicable

Marilyn Goad
Andrea Hizer
Jennifer Powers
Casey Sandlin-Rogers

Instructional Technology Coaches

Instructional Technology Coaches are teacher leaders who support teachers with digital instruction and learning. They work closely with the school-based Curriculum Technology Teacher to assist in supporting the school conversion to digital/electronic teaching and projects. Their responsibilities include the following:

  • Maintain an inventory of all digital resources available in the school
  • Assist with training/support with SAMR Model
  • Schedule ongoing, one-on-one and small group technology coaching sessions with administrators and teachers on a monthly basis
  • Provide at least one technology workshop experience per month for faculty/staff

John Amagliani
Amy Balducci
Jonathan Hawkins
Sarah Kelley
Katie Nelson