• Mission & Core Values

    The mission of Arlington Elementary School is for all stakeholders to provide a safe, nurturing environment that equips all students with the skills essential to succeed academically and to become healthy, productive citizens in the community. Arlington Elementary School will distinguish itself as a leader in Achieving Educational Success by utilizing innovative methods and technology to create a community of global-minded leaders.

    We will:

    • Commit to an “every child belongs to everyone” philosophy to ensure each child’s educational, social, and emotional needs are addressed.
    • Agree to a set of core standards and ensure that every child is given opportunities to reach them.
    • Participate in ongoing multidisciplinary collaboration and staff development to guide instruction and assessment.
    • Utilize common formative assessments and collaborative summative assessments to drive instruction and promote student achievement.
    • Utilize innovative strategies and technology to meet the needs of a diverse student body.
  • A Device for Everyone

    The world is changing - fast. We believe it's our duty to put the best and most up-to-date technology in the hands of our students and staff so that our students may leave Arlington Community Schools prepared, whether they're college bound or want to enter the workforce immediately. All teachers and students at Arlington Elementary are equipped with an iPad to help critically engage them in classroom lessons.