ACS ranks 5th in state for highest ACT scores

ACS ranks 5th in state for highest ACT scores
Posted on 10/31/2018
Data released today from the Tennessee Department of Education shows Arlington High School’s average ACT score continues to rise.

Based on the graduating class of 2018, ACS’ overall score rose nearly a point to 23.6, up from 2017’s score of 22.7. More students are also scoring at least a 21, making them eligible for the Hope Scholarship. 70.1 percent of graduates scored a 21 or higher, up more than four points from the year before.

Statewide, Arlington Community Schools graduates rank 5th in the state for having the best ACT scores.

“In all areas of the ACT, Arlington High School students are improving,” said ACS Superintendent Tammy Mason. “That’s all credited to the hard work of our students and teachers. Our teachers and administrators have been diligent in implementing teaching methods that work, and their willingness to individualize learning is getting results.”

One method that's been particularly popular with students is the ACT Bootcamp, which is a free, full-day workshop held on Saturdays to help students through practice testing and tutoring. This school year, AHS will hold 6 Bootcamps. So far, more than 100 students have taken advantage of the class.

“I think we’re seeing these results because of teacher and student buy-in,” said AHS Principal Chris Duncan. “Our teachers have incorporated ACT-type questions and problems into everyday lessons, bell work and tests. We’re communicating more with parents about ACT Bootcamps and ways they can help their kids. I think everyone working together is helping our scores.”

Wednesday’s announcement also shows more students are meeting the College Readiness Benchmarks in all areas, to include English, math, reading and science.