ACS unveils new district logo

ACS unveils new district logo
Posted on 10/23/2018
When we set out to create a new logo for the District, we wanted to modernize our look. We wanted to capitalize on our achievements, while still paying homage to the past. We think we found a logo that’s representative of who we are as a school system and community and one that speaks to where we’re going. We’re excited to tell you about it.

Why change the logo?

Arlington community schools logoEarlier this year, Arlington Community Schools convened the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan Committee. This group, made up of administrators, teachers, parents and community members, was tasked with creating and setting the next 5-year goals for the District.

One of those goals was to establish a brand that’s representative of who we are. The first step in branding was to transition the AMS mascot to the Tigers. This changeover began in August, and our middle school athletes and students embraced it immediately. The Tiger Pride is now sweeping our bleachers and stadiums from middle school on.

The final step in branding was to replace the ACS logo with a modernized look and icon – a symbol that could represent the district over time.

The way our students learn has dramatically changed. But by looking at our old logo, you wouldn’t know that. The centerpiece of the old logo is a book, yet ACS prides itself on offering 1:1 technology. Our world has quickly gone digital, and it’s time our logo reflected that.

Introducing the new ACS logo

Arlington community schools logoThe new logo carries a modern yet traditional look. It was important for us to keep a similar look and feel by sticking with the same color scheme of ACS: navy and gold. It was equally important for us to proudly display our name. We are a community striving to better the lives of our students and families, and there’s no better way to honor that ideal than to enlarge “Community Schools” within the logo.

The focal point of the new logo, though, is the icon itself. It’s important to get the most out of a logo, and the new iteration serves dual meaning. The “A,” standing for Arlington, is hidden within a star, which pays tribute to OUR students. We have some of the brightest and most creative minds, and they are steadily “reaching for the stars.” Consistently, our students are shining examples of what public education should and can be like. And we hope this icon will speak to their achievements over time.

*Note: This will not replace the athletics “A Tiger” logo.