AES Teacher of the Year: Sherryn Henrikson

AES Teacher of the Year: Sherryn Henrikson
Posted on 01/23/2019
Arlington Elementary School’s Sherryn Henrikson has always considered herself a teacher. Even as a teenager, she remembers how teaching others brought her joy.

“I use to give swimming lessons during the summer in my teens,” she said. “It was so rewarding watching them grow over the summer, and I think even then I knew I wanted to go into education.”

Those little moments did eventually turn into a career for her. She received both a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in teaching from the University of Memphis and took her first teaching job at Northaven Elementary in 2003. Sixteen years later, she’s now a 4th-grade math and science teacher at AES and was recently selected as the school’s Teacher of the Year.

“It’s the biggest honor I’ve received in my career,” Henrikson said. “It’s definitely not something I was expecting. I come to work every day to do what I love. I don’t do it for awards or recognition. I do it for the kids.”

Henrikson hit the ground running when she joined the AES team nine years ago. She’s chaired the 4th Grade Teacher Team, served as an Executive Board Member for the school’s PTA and led the Lego Robotics Club. She also assisted ACS with revising its math and science standards, a project that required her to teach fellow colleagues about the new standards.

“It helped improve the overall school culture because 4th-grade math and science teachers scored level 5 in achievement and growth in the 2017-2018 school year,” she explained in her Tennessee Teacher of the Year Application.

Those scores represent the very essence of why Henrikson chose to be a teacher. Through collaboration with her colleagues and being invested in AES, Henrikson said students’ lives have been changed for the better.

“It’s simply amazing to see when a student actually gets it and the light goes off,” she said. “Because it’s math and science, some students – especially the girls – are not as confident with the subjects. When I see their confidence grow, that’s when I can leave, go home and know that I did something great. It’s refreshing.”