All ACS employees guaranteed vaccine

All ACS employees guaranteed COVID-19 vaccine in Arlington
Posted on 02/21/2021
After weeks of planning and meetings with the Shelby County Health Department, Arlington High School has been selected to be a COVID-19 vaccine site for all employees in ACS, Lakeland School System and Millington Municipal Schools. 

The historic opportunity comes after much cooperation among the municipal school districts, the Shelby County Health Department and Government and Shelby County Schools. 

"All year, we have prioritized health protocols to keep our doors open and kids in school," said Superintendent Jeff Mayo. "I could not be prouder to give all of our employees the opportunity to be immunized right here in Arlington and begin yet another phase in getting our schools back to pre-COVID life!"

With the state of Tennessee moving into Phase 1B, which includes teachers and schools, ACS, Lakeland and Millington were able to secure nearly 800 doses for all of its employees. AHS will be the vaccine site for all three districts, and it will be staffed using the districts’ nurses and various staff members, in addition to SCHD employees.

Employees who choose to be immunized will receive the vaccine on Friday, February 26th at AHS. The 2nd dose will be administered on Friday, March 26th. On both of these days, students will switch to remote learning and work independently on assignments. 

"Having our teachers and staff vaccinated is an immeasurable step to giving our employees another layer of protection from the virus and getting us through the end of the school year," Mayo continued. "I'm incredibly grateful to our neighbors, Lakeland and Millington, for pooling our resources together to give all of our employees the chance to get vaccinated. The virus has impacted all of us, and we'll beat COVID together to get our schools back to normal."