DES Teacher of the Year: Kasey Dixon

DES Teacher of the Year: Kasey Dixon
Posted on 01/22/2019
Kasey Dixon, a 2nd-grade teacher at Donelson Elementary School, describes herself as a “walking cliché” when it comes to her passion for education.

“The best part of teaching is the lightbulb effect,” she said. “When you see a student’s face when it clicks, you know you’re doing something right, and it feels amazing.”

“See…cliché,” she laughed. Dixon is in her fourth year of teaching, three of which have been at Donelson. Four years into the job, she still appreciates the “little things” that come with it.

“When a student says ‘I love you, Ms. Dixon’… it just changes my day,” Dixon said. “The kids really do make this job what it is, they make it amazing, and they make it all worth it.”

The University of Memphis grad was named Donelson’s 2019 Teacher of the Year – a recognition that still takes her by surprise. “There are other teachers in this building that I feel are so capable of holding this title,” she said. “We have so many talented and caring and wonderful teachers at Donelson…I’m shocked I was chosen, but I’m so grateful and very honored.”

This school year, Dixon took on her largest role yet as being the 2nd Grade Chair, a reason she believes so many colleagues nominated her for the recognition. Out of her team of six, three are brand new teachers and the other three are new to Donelson.

“Leading a brand-new team has personally given me the opportunity to grow as an educator,” Dixon wrote in her application for Tennessee Teacher of the Year. “I work closely with these teachers, helping guide, encourage and assist them in any way possible. It’s rewarding to be a part of something that helps build a sense of community.”