Employee Benefits

Medical Benefits

  • How much are copays?

  • Are deductibles required?

  • How much are premiums?

  • Is there a list of in-network doctors to choose?

  • Which hospitals are considered in-network?

  • Do I need a referral to see a specialist?

  • I need an MRI/CT Scan/Mammogram. Where can I go, and what is the cost?

  • Have you received a cancer diagnosis? View this information.

  • How do I add a dependent to my medical insurance prior to open enrollment?

  • Are at-home COVID-19 tests covered by insurance?

Employee Health Clinic

  • What is the Employee Health Clinic?

  • Where is the Employee Health Clinic located? How do I contact the clinic?

  • Need to schedule an appointment?

Prescriptions & Pharmacy

  • What are the pharmacy copay amounts?

  • I've been prescribed a brand name drug that's not covered. Is there an alternative?

  • Why did my prescription cost go up?

  • Have you been prescribed an expensive specialty brand name drug?

  • What is the Care4Us Pharmacy?

  • My current prescription is excluded from the plan. What steps should I take next?

  • Do you take Humira? See this important information.

Dental Coverage

  • Are orthodontics and braces covered?

  • What is covered under Delta Dental?

  • Will services cost more if I use an out-of-network dentist?

  • How do I find in-network dentists?

Davis Vision

  • Who is covered under Davis Vision?

  • How often will Davis Vision cover my eye exams, frames and contact lenses? What is the cost?

  • How do I access my benefits online?

  • Can I add a dependent prior to open enrollment?

American Fidelity

  • Short Term Disability

  • Flexible Spending Account

  • Accident Policy

  • Cancer Policy

  • Critical Illness

Leave of Absence

  • Need to request a Leave of Absence?


  • Planning for Retirement?

  • How can I contribute to the 401k or 403(b)/457 retirement plans?

  • Retirement contributions for legacy employees (hired before 7/1/14)?

  • Retirement contribution for hybrid employees (hired after 7/1/14)

Employee Assistance Program

  • What is the Concern Employee Assistance Program?

  • How do I access Concern EAP?

  • Where is Concern EAP located?

Contact Employee Benefits

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