School Closings

School Closure Notifications and Procedures

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Parents will be notified by phone call, email, and/or text message through our BlackBoard Connect rapid notification system, once the decision has been made to cancel school for any reason.


School closings and/or early dismissals are based on existing weather conditions, weather predictions or any other event that might warrant canceling school and school related activities.

In the event of impending inclement weather, a team of district staff will collaborate with the National Weather Bureau as well as monitor road conditions for bus routes, local roads, and school property to make the best decision to ensure everyone’s safety.

In the event schools are closed due to inclement weather or any other unusual event, all extracurricular activities scheduled within the district for those days will be canceled or postponed, unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent.

Parent Notification

  • Social Media – Information will be updated regularly on our social media sites. Make sure you are following the official pages of Arlington Community Schools for the most accurate information. Click on the links above for the official pages.
  • ACS’s Direct Notification – If the decision has been made to close or dismiss schools early for any reason, parents will receive a text, email, and/or phone call from our Blackboard Connect rapid notification system, unless you have opted out of receiving certain notifications. The data for our notifications is generated from the most recent demographics from PowerSchool. Parents who wish to receive such notification should make certain that information is correct in PowerSchool.
  • District Website – School closings and dismissals will be posted on the main page of our district website,
  • Local News Outlets: ACS communicates with all local news outlets regarding school closings.

Make-Up Days

The Arlington Community Schools Board of Education will determine when it is necessary to make up days missed due to inclement weather in accordance with TCA 49-6-3004 (a)(1)-(6). If the board determines instructional time will need to be made up, those days will be determined by the school board once the winter weather season has ended.