• ​Arlington Middle School partners with three local community, business, industry partners. Arlington Middle School partners and receives support from MicroPort, Inc, West TN STEM Hub and Arlington Chamber of Commerce. Each community, business, and industry partner provide a unique set of resources and services with various levels of support. For several years, Arlington Middle School STEM program has worked in collaboration with MicroPort, Inc. MicroPort, Inc. have supported the Arlington Middle School STEM program through Enrichment activities such as: class presentations, career days, contest/competition judging, expert panelist, role models and career resources. In addition, MicroPort, Inc has supported the Arlington STEM program by offering tours to students to its facility. Students from Arlington Middle has been provided the opportunity during tours to MicroPort, Inc  to view employees at work, listen to presentations, and asks questions about specific careers. West TN STEM Hub is another collaborator and supporter of the Arlington Middle School STEM program. West TN STEM Hub has been a community supported for years. Arlington Middle School STEM program has participated in various competitions such as E-Day and STEM Competitions.   West TN STEM Hub have provided support in several ways in one or more combinations such as: Enrichment class presentations, career days, contest/competition judging, mentoring by offering tech support, speakers, career resources, role models, teacher professional development workshops and materials.  Arlington Chamber of Commerce is another community supporter of Arlington Middle School STEM program. The Arlington Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual Relay for Life Marathon Race at the beginning of school year. The proceeds from the Arlington Education Foundation provides educational grants for enrichment opportunities such as securing resources, materials and supplies to support the Arlington Middle School STEM program and STEM Club.

    Career Day

    • Each year, our 8th grade students get to experience Career Day. The AMS Counselors work to bring in professionals from all over the city to talk to our students about what they do for a living and the journey they took to get there. We want to make sure our Tigers are exposed to a wide variety of career fields so that as they begin to plan out their high school path, they have seen and heard about some of the opportunities that exist for them outside their school walls. 

        Visiting Professionals

        • Teachers from across the grade bands and disciplines consistently work to find ways to bring local professionals into the classroom to talk about real world experiences, guide students through projects and coursework using their expertise and even help to show students how what they are learning now can direct them to find their passion and build their own goals for their future.