• Academy of Engineering and innovation


    Academy of Engineering & Innovation

    This Academy offers a unique insight for students who are interested in engineering. The goal of this program is to prepare our Academy students to be career and college ready for STEM and Engineering careers of the future!

    Through innovative measures of learning, engaged communities of practice and real-world problem solving, AEI students will be prepared learners for the future.

    Engineering Branches:

    Students will select a major in one of three branches: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering (CME), Computer Science or Engineering Technology. These branches of engineering help students identify which career paths they may want to follow after graduating from Arlington High School. To learn more about the Academy, check out the AEI Book.


    How to Join the Academy of Engineering & Innovation

    1. Complete the application and upload recommendations. Students may use this email template to request teacher recommendations.
    2. Participate in a working interview. Here, students will be required to team up with other applicants and complete a STEM-related task. 

    Important Dates

    • The application window for the 2023-2024 school year will open January 3, 2023. The application will close on March 31, 2023.
    • Students will be contacted for scheduling the working interview after the application window closes.