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AMS to be featured in statewide video series for STEAM Education

The spotlight is on Arlington Middle for its success in STEAM Education (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics)! The school will be featured in a statewide and national video series for winning the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network’s Design Challenge last school year. A filmmaker was at AMS earlier this week getting footage of a STEM classroom in action, led by STEM Teacher Latisha King, who also won the 2022 Excellence in STEM Teaching Award. 

Last year, Ms. King and her team of students, including Blake Cobb, Ashlynn Harrahill and Logan Hink, reimagined the Hernando de Soto Bridge in Memphis as being earthquake resistant with a featured pedestrian walkway. It ultimately won the Design Challenge Award for middle schools. 

AMS is among only 27 schools statewide to be named a STEM/STEAM Designated School this year. The Tennessee STEM School Designation recognizes schools for their commitment to integrating quality STEM teaching and learning practices for all students through technology integration, work-based learning opportunities and project/problem-based learning strategies.

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The path to becoming STEAM Designated is a highly competitive and rigorous application process that includes a self-evaluation, interviews and an on-site visit from the Tennessee STEM Designation review team. The on-site visits were held at AMS in Spring 2022 and included a tour of various general education and STEM-based classrooms to show the reviewers how STEAM is incorporated into all classrooms. In addition to the designation, AMS received $30,000 to further enhance STEAM learning in curriculums and lessons. AMS will also serve as a model school for others who want to visit and learn how STEAM is integrated throughout the building.

ACS's EPSO Specialist Shawna Segerson was quoted by the TDOE in a state-wide release earlier this year saying, “The STEAM Designation solidifies that we are doing what is best for student learning. It showcases that every classroom in our building is providing the opportunity for the Thinking Process to be used and encourages our students to become thinkers. Obtaining the STEAM Designation means we will continue to be a STEM hub for others in our community to share our successes, learning moments and resources.”