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AHS Student Council leads with major awards at national convention

Article written by Sarah Kelley, AHS Teacher & Student Council Sponsor

PARKLAND, Fla. - Arlington High's Student Council has had a big and successful semester after attending two conferences and participating in several community service projects. First, they went big and brought home some major awards at the Southern Association of Student Council annual convention held in Parkland, Florida. The council won three awards for their projects that benefit the school and community, including Team Up for St. Jude, which raised funds for St. Jude, and Tigers Helping Cougars, where members of the council have worked with Kirby High’s council to give them new ideas as they foster a new future at their school. Jenna Demmons, current council president, earned 1st place in the speech contest and had the opportunity to perform her speech to the entire delegation. Finally, Emma Braese and Gabbey Ayers were elected as the new parliamentarians for SASC and will serve on the executive board for the 2022-2023 year! 

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But they didn’t stop there. The council then attended the West TN Leadership Day with councils from the area and engaged in roundtables and idea swaps. Luke McBride presented and Jeena Bhakta, TASC VP, spoke about the state project that she designed which is working together to help the food insecurity problem across Tennessee. 

Advisors Sarah Kelley and Andrew Sossaman are very proud of their council for all of their hard work and awards. “Every year they impress us with their drive to compete and desire to serve”, said Kelley. In fact, their desire to serve was so great this time, they decided to do concessions and host a table at the district's Track or Treat family engagement event at AHS, which just happened to be the same day as their West TN Leadership Day. “When it comes to projects that serve the community, the kids always want to do it”, Kelley continued. “And that is what makes these kids and this community great.”

Sarah Kelley, AHS Teacher, Student Council Sponsor