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Thomas Nguyen named November's Patriot Bank Student of the Month

Congratulations to Thomas Nguyen for being named the Patriot Bank Student of the Month for November! Thomas was selected by the Arlington High School Science Department for exemplifying the tenants of the Portrait of an ACS Graduate, which include Communicate Effectively, Collaborate Intentionally, Cultivate Creativity, Be Resilient and Lead with Empathy. Here's what the selection committee had to say about Thomas:

Thomas Nguyen has taken several honors and AP science classes at Arlington High School. He could be described as academically gifted, tenacious, curious, driven, trustworthy, creative in thought, and honest, yet reserved. Thomas is a conscientious student with self expectations that align well with his ability and future goals, proven through his recognition as an AP Scholar with Distinction. Thomas has shown that he has the drive to accomplish on his own but communicates and collaborates effectively with his peers to solve problems as well. He is both a leader and a team player, holding office and participating as a member in Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish National Honors Society, marching band, and club soccer to name a few. When the going gets tough, Thomas gets going, proving his resilience and ability to overcome obstacles. Overall, Thomas is a high achiever who goes beyond academics to prove that life doesn’t just take place in the classroom. 

The Patriot Bank Student of the Month program will recognize one student in the months of September - April. One of those eight students will then be selected for a $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Patriot Bank.