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Tess Hinkle named October's Patriot Bank Student of the Month

a young woman in a blue sweater smiles at the camera

Tess Hinkle stands out as a senior who has an unmistakable passion for mathematics. Her journey through high school has been a testament to her dedication to the subject. From the moment she entered, she eagerly embraced challenging courses, including AP Statistics and Dual Credit Pre-Calculus. Currently, she's navigating the complex realm of AP Calculus BC with the same enthusiasm that she had on day one. Beyond her academic prowess, Tess is an active member of the Student Council, always striving to make positive changes within our school community.

But perhaps what sets her apart most is her unwavering desire to share her mathematical knowledge with others. Tess loves to tutor and help her peers grasp the intricacies of math, and her patient and encouraging demeanor has made her a go-to resource for students in need. In the classroom and beyond, Tess's love for math and her dedication to helping others truly shine.

The Patriot Bank Student of the Month program recognizes one student in the months of September - April. One of those eight students will then be selected for a $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Patriot Bank.