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Two students earn Global Seal of Biliteracy for studies in Spanish

two students in a blue and orange sweatshirt hold a certificate

For the first time in Arlington High School history, two of our students have earned the Global Seal of Biliteracy by being literate in both English and Spanish!  Luis Aparicio and Andrew Spann, two Class of 2024 seniors enrolled in Kelly Robinson’s Spanish class, achieved this accomplishment after several years of diving into the Spanish language. In earning the Global Seal of Biliteracy, an internationally known credential that recognizes a person’s level of proficiency in two or more languages, Luis and Andrew have gone further in their Spanish-speaking abilities than most. Many students have earned the State Seal of Biliteracy, but this global recognition goes one step further.

“They are both ambitious and on task,” Robinson said about the students. “Once they get their minds on something, they make sure that they get it done correctly.” Luis says he’s always taken Spanish class seriously. He actually spearheaded the effort to look into earning the global seal. “I have a passion for the Spanish culture,” he said. “I’m Hispanic myself, so this certificate just shows all my hard work.”

This certificate will take them well past their high school careers. It’s a powerful tool to earn college credit, scholarships or stand out in job future applications. It could even help them become translators to bridge the language gap between people – something Andrew hopes to get out of this. “I hope I can further connect with people,” Andrew said. “I don’t think language should be a barrier in the 21st century.”

While Luis and Andrew are the first Arlington High students to carry out such a major feat, they hope this trend will continue for other students for years to come. 

Story written by Noah Certion, ACS Communications