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Broc Littleton named April's Patriot Bank Student of the Month

broc littleton

Congratulations to Broc Littleton for being named the Patriot Bank Student of the Month for April! Broc was selected by the Arlington High School Wellness Department for exemplifying the tenants of the Portrait of an ACS Graduate, which include Communicate Effectively, Collaborate Intentionally, Cultivate Creativity, Be Resilient and Lead with Empathy. Here's what the selection committee had to say about Broc:

Throughout this academic year, Broc Littleton has shown consistent and unwavering dedication towards his total wellness in class. Broc’s commitment to taking care of his physical, mental, and emotional well-being has not only benefited him but has also inspired those around him.  Broc’s positive attitude towards wellness, whether it's through healthy habits, mindfulness practices, or self-care routines, serves as a shining example to his peers. His efforts to prioritize wellness have undoubtedly made a significant impact on our school community and the Wellness Department.

The Patriot Bank Student of the Month program will recognize one student in the months of September - April. One of those eight students will then be selected for a $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Patriot Bank.