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Dustin Dickerson wins 2022 Class Act Award

The Class Act Award recognizes classified employees across ACS. We all know it "takes a village" to run a school district, and our classified employees are essential to the success of ACS.

The winners of the Class Act Award were nominated and selected by fellow colleagues at each campus. In order to receive the award, employees had to serve in their current position for at least one full year, provide an outstanding work performance, provide leadership and commitment to the district and other staff, support the district and community with active participation and display other outstanding traits.

“In all my years as an educator, I have never seen a plant manager do what Mr. Dickerson does for the students, faculty, and staff. He is one of a kind. The evidence is all around. You can see that just through his interactions with people. You can see him at all of the school-wide events such as Literacy Nights, STEM Night, Kindergarten Round-Up, Curriculum Night, Open House, and PTA meetings. Our school and grounds are kept immaculate, and he stays after hours and comes in on weekends to help set up for holidays and room transformations to make sure our campus looks its best. He can build and fix almost anything. He can even use a Cricut machine to assist with decorations - I mean, what man can do that? Dustin goes above and beyond in every aspect.”