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Gregory Sims wins TAA Teacher Hero Award




Gregory Sims exemplifies all the qualities that make up a Tennessee Arts Academy Teacher Hero. It is of the utmost importance to him to build relationships with students and get to know their unique learning styles. He plans highly motivating lessons that spark interest to further engage students in the arts outside of the school community. His dynamic personality draws in the students and you can see the wonder in their eyes as they anticipate his next move during each lesson. He goes above and beyond by volunteering to arrive early each day to greet the students with a smile and a high five at car line! He freely gives of his time each week to grow the love of music within our school by providing the opportunity for students to participate in choir. He promotes school and community engagement by planning performances that are showcased throughout the year.

“ Mr. Sims truly epitomizes what it means to be a Tennessee Arts Academy Teacher Hero! Our school is so thankful to have him as a teacher leader.” Miranda Manley, Donelson Elementary School Principal