• Arlington Middle School (AMS) has been successfully preparing students for high school and beyond for nearly 20 years. AMS uses cutting-edge technology and innovative practices to meet the potential of all its students by helping them become effective collaborators and communicators, critical and creative thinkers, as well as problem-solvers. In this ever-changing technological world, we recognize we must prepare our students for their future, not ours. 



    Inspire Imagine Impact

    Click on the icons below each video to see how Arlington Middle School works to inspire our students to grow, helps them imagine the places they can go, and how to leave a positive lasting impact on their world.

  • Inspire

    AMS works to inspire our students in and out of the classroom through the intentional use of technology as we guide them toward their futures in our dynamic world.

    Video created by AMS teacher Latisha King

  • Imagine

    AMS empowers our student learners to learn use collaboration and team work as a strategic tool while developing their voice and sharing their knowledge with others.

    Video created by AMS teacher Shelby Buxton.

  • Impact

    AMS is committed to developing our students as difference makers. Whether sharing their knowledge or the successes they've achieved, we are committed to providing all our students with the opportunity for positive growth and encouraging them to seek ways to leave their imprint on the world.

    Video created by AMS teacher Ashley Burns.

  • A special thanks to the teachers that worked to create the design content and media for this page: Paula Zeballos, Shelby Buxton, Michelle VanSciver, Brittany Workship, Alanna Fausel, Jennifer Beasley, Colleen Walker, Latisha King, Kertrina Henry, and Joseph Piper.